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2011 Seersucker Social


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A few years ago I spotted a flyer on a street light near my apartment advertising the first Slow Bicycle ride. Unfortunately, it was the day before but I looked up the group and made sure to make the next ride. It was on this ride that I first met John and Garth, two of the men who are loosely in charge of the Chicago Tweed Rides. Even though I didn’t have a British bicycle they somehow knew that I would love dressing up and riding my bike between bars.

Ever since then I’ve become more involved in the Chicago bike community and gone on a number of group rides, including as many that I can dress up for as possible. It may seem like I’m posting a lot about biking lately so I wanted to explain why—most of the fun things I do in Chicago involve bikes. A few weeks ago The Slow Bicycle Society and The BBC (British Bicycles of Chicago) teamed up for a summer ride—The Seersucker Social. We had a good turnout for a 100 degree day, including a number of Wheelmen on penny farthings. Old-timey bicycles always turn heads when biking through the West side of Chicago.

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