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  • Photographing Egypt

    Silly me, in my haste to show you a taste of Ethiopia I forgot to finish uploading the rest of my photos from Egypt. They’re all up in the gallery now. I ate a lot of McDonalds in Cairo so it only seemed appropriate to include a burger in the food category.

  • Goodbye, Cairo

    My flight to Ethiopia is in a few hours and I don’t feel ready. Somehow when I travel overland the transition is easier. When I fly I feel like I’m just thrown in the middle of things and have to quickly figure everything out. I printed my Oanda cheat sheet so I know that the […]

  • Into Africa

    This morning I casually walked into the Egypt Air office and bought a one-way ticket from Cairo to Addis Ababa. Who buys a one-way ticket to Ethiopia, let alone only four days in advance? Huh, me, I guess.

  • Luxor Wedding Celebrations

    The other day on my way home from dinner in Luxor I ran into a wedding party—literally—they were standing in the middle of the road. After about 15 minutes of horns and drums and a little uninspired dancing the couple went inside a photo studio. I had my little camera so I took a video. […]

  • Upper Egypt

    I left the cramped dorm room and free wifi of Cairo on an overnight train to Aswan almost a week ago. Although the lights were left on all night the first class car was the nicest train I’ve traveled on in a long time. Many things people have told me about Egypt have turned out […]

  • Hello, So Beautiful

    I finally went to the pyramids today. I took the bus there which helped me avoid the taxi touts. I hate to say this now, before I’ve been to Luxor, but Egypt isn’t such a hassle. I mean, it is, but nothing compared to India. Generally if you ignore everyone they will leave you alone. […]

  • Pyramids Rained Out

    I was all ready to go to the pyramids today but it was raining. Who hears of rain in Cairo? I stopped by the Ethiopian Airlines office this afternoon when I realized that tomorrow is Friday. Everything is closed in Cairo on Fridays and I have a night train booked to Aswan. If I fly […]

  • Picture Post: Cairo

  • Flight Shopping in Cairo

    I’m in Cairo, only about 10 kilometers from The Pyramids of Giza. Only I haven’t seen a single pyramid yet because I’ve been running around renewing my student card and checking into flights to any country South of Egypt. Spending six hours in the tour group-packed Egyptian Museum was not stressful compared to figuring out […]

  • Everything Updated

    Now, firmly settled in mainland Egypt I bring you plenty of site updates. It only took a few extra days in my $3 plywood and wicker bungalow in Dahab to get done: Route I’ve updated the route page. India’s map has been filled out and there’s a complete map of Jordan. Finances I’ve painfully calculated […]