Me-go: Around-the-World


Taking the plunge

The first step to taking a RTW or extended trip is deciding to do so. It’s easy to fantasize about traveling, or talk about doing it “some day” when you have “enough time”, “enough money” or are at the right stage in your life. You will never travel if you wait around for the circumstances to be right. By the time you think you have enough money and are stable in your career you will probably have a family or other commitments. You can alway travel once you’re retired, but who’s to say you will be physically able or even alive in 40 years? The reality is you only have enough money and enough time if you make it happen. Saving money for a trip may mean moving in with a roommate or family, selling your car or house and giving up spending money at bars or on movies. I saved for five years before getting up the nerve to leave my job. And there will never be a time when you can leave a job with no consequences—either to your career advancement or health insurance. If you make travel a priority in your life you can do it.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of details involved in a trip of this size. I have compiled a few pages of detailed information for travelers planning their own trips, or for the curious onlookers. In any case, I’m sure everyone is very interested in how I planned such an adventure, the route I took, what’s in my bag or how much money I spent. Finally, if you are left with questions check out the FAQs. After that, if you’re still interested, click on some of the links to other travelogues or travel sites.

Teachers in Monywa, Myanmar
Megan with school teachers in Monywa, Myanmar
Moto ride
Megan riding a moto in Hue, Vietnam