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  • Me-go Mix: Track 8

    Me-go Mix: Track 8 “Wanaume Mabinti” — Lady JayDee To download using Windows “right click” and save to disk. Mac users, you know what to do. At the end of my trip I wanted to buy some music that reminded me of my time in Eastern Africa. A lot of the music heard around town […]

  • A Hairy Predicament

    I have a problem, a souvenir from Zanzibar that’s lasted longer than I’d anticipated. Two months after the end of my trip I still have zebra-striped arm hair. One of my favorite traditions in Swahili culture is henna. On my bus from Arusha to Dar Es Salaam I saw women with henna-covered feet and hands […]

  • Criticizing Carrots

    I understand that some of you can’t imagine why I’m tired and have decided it’s about time to head home. What happened the other day is a classic example. I got on the fast ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar and showed my ticket to no less than three people at various gates as […]

  • Vacation

    My time on safari in Lake Manyara, The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater was filled with many animals ( no rhinos but plenty of cheetahs and leopards) and a lot of lies from my tour operator. My first day in The Serengeti was marred by a terrible accident between two safari 4x4s. Our car was the […]

  • One Day, Three Countrues, Two Borders

    Although it sounds silly, driving through Kenya to Tanzania was (supposed to be) faster and more comfortable than overlanding from Uganda through Western Tanzania. I arranged to have the bus pick me up in Jinja, a few hours East of Kampala. I waited in the sun beside a dusty roundabout for an hour before it […]