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My time on safari in Lake Manyara, The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater was filled with many animals ( no rhinos but plenty of cheetahs and leopards) and a lot of lies from my tour operator. My first day in The Serengeti was marred by a terrible accident between two safari 4x4s. Our car was the second on the scene, only minutes after the head on collision and I had to personally lift two passengers out of a broken window. I cut my elbow on the ragged window but it’s quite small and already on it’s way to an impressive scab. The car that was the most badly hit was full of the younger members of an Indian family. After a total of nine stitches they’re fine—we saw them on safari the next day—but the Tanzanian driver, who was crushed in the debris, died. When I left him he was alertly tapping in SMS messages on his cell phone.

Yesterday morning I took the 6am bus form Arusha to Dar es Salaam and caught the last ferry to Zanzibar. I’m spending a few days in Stone Town before heading for the beach. This is the vacation from my trip so I hope I’m able to get over the ridiculously overpriced… everything, and enjoy myself here.

4 responses to “Vacation”

  1. Stacy from WA Avatar
    Stacy from WA

    You’re wearing me out and I’m just reading the posts… you deserve a vacation!!!

    So, I take it Tanzania is high on your frustration scale?

  2. Lucas Avatar

    your badassness never ceases to amaze me

  3. Megan Avatar

    Tanzania really isn’t that high on my list of annoying places. It’s nothing like Egypt or India. I will say that as soon as I crossed the border I immediately noticed all the men’s eyes drop down to my chest. I haven’t seen that in the rest of Africa at all. I get it more in the US than East Africa.

    I try. I was hoping for a good scar to prompt stories after I get home but I met an English doctor yesterday and he said it’s “healing nicely.”

  4. Life Dancer Avatar
    Life Dancer

    spent my Sunday afternoon reading through your adventures.. very impressive. I hope your elbow heals up well.