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  • Petra: Temple of Doom?

    Day One: Rainy Day at The Temple of Doom Petra is an ancient city carved into the faces of the mountains of Southern Jordan. It went through many reincarnations as trade routes and invaders came and went. When the Romans found it they contributed a colonnade street and extended the theater and some early Christians […]

  • Salty Dip

    Two things about Jordan have surprised me: 1. Jordan is cold in February 2. Jordan is expensive The cold was the most surprising. Even though it is winter, I figured winter in the desert is still hot. I had looked at weather reports for Egypt and expected Jordan to be as hot as Egypt this […]

  • Out of India

    After three days in transit from Bangalore, including a 24-hour train ride, a 1am airport appearance and a brief layover in Kuwait, I have finally arrived in Jordan. More importantly, I got out of India. I don’t think I’ve talked much about my frustrations in India here, because when I was so angry I had […]