Category: Washington D.C.

  • Traveling Through 2012

    Despite my lack of updates, I managed to take quite a few trips this year. Only a few were non-work related but I try my best to spend a little time in each city I visit. Both St. Louis and Detroit trips were in and out in one day, but I always arrange extra time […]

  • All I Could Jet 2010

    After more than 39 hours in the air and nearly 19,000 miles flown across 15 flights I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of Jet Blue’s All You Can Jet promotion. With that much flying I had the in-flight commercials memorized and had no problem deciding what snacks to choose (plantain chips are interesting but you […]

  • Museum Hopping in Washington D.C.

    Despite traveling to remote area of the world there are a number of places much closer to home people are surprised I’ve never visited—Washington D.C. is one of them. Most of my readers know how much I love museums. I’m happy to wander around all day looking at exhibits and looking at people looking at […]

  • Jetting on jetBlue

    My first leg of jetBlue’s All You Can Jet is finished and it was pretty exciting. Washington D.C. was so amazing that I changed my flight at the last minute to skip Baltimore and stay in D.C. another day. Since my friend was flying out at 6am on an adventure of her own I ended […]

  • All You Can Jet

    I had heard about the deal last year but didn’t take advantage of it. This year I jumped on the chance to fly anywhere JetBlue flies for $499 for a month. The pass sold out in two days and I didn’t have much time to plan my trip. JetBlue only flies direct to three locations […]