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Traveling Through 2012


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Despite my lack of updates, I managed to take quite a few trips this year. Only a few were non-work related but I try my best to spend a little time in each city I visit. Both St. Louis and Detroit trips were in and out in one day, but I always arrange extra time in New York and D.C.

Who knows what sort of travel is in store for me in 2013, but I hope for at least one international trip. I’m still toying with the idea of biking around Iceland but, for now, all I know is I’ll be visiting New York and Atlanta.

January: Washington D.C.

Air and Space Annex Museum, VA
Air and Space Annex Museum at Dulles Airport, Virginia

February: St. Louis

Chicago sunrise
Daytrip to St. Louis

March: Virginia, Syracuse

Small plane from D.C. to Syracuse
Small plane from D.C. to Syracuse
Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse
We had Dinosaur BBQ twice in Syracuse
Syracuse cartwheel
Cartwheeling at work in Syracuse

April: NYC, Jersey City

Manhattan by air
Manhattan by air
NYC morning
Visiting with Sema (who I last saw in Kyrgyzstan), cartwheeling on the High Line
Jersey City sunset
Jersey City sunset

May: NYC, Jersey City

NYC park museum afternoon
Afternoon spent in parks and museums in NYC
NYC High Line
Have I mentioned how much I love the New York High Line?
New York afternoon
I managed to get my client to go with a Star Trek theme this trip
Chicago Twilight
Chicago Twilight

July: Washington D.C., Detroit

Modern art in D.C.
Modern art, including “The Art of the Video Game” exhibition, in D.C.
Seeing friends in D.C.
Museum hopping and seeing friends in D.C.
One day in Detroit
My first time in Detroit – one day in the suburbs

August: Denver

Overcast Denver
My first ever overcast day in Denver, visiting my sister

September: Connecticut, Houston

Connecting flights to Connecticut
Connecting flights to Connecticut
Sunrise on the way to Houston
Sunrise on the way to Houston

November: Sydney, Pittsburgh

Gorgeous Sydney
Who knew Sydney was so gorgeous? I can’t wait to go back.
My time in Sydney was way too short, and the flight way too long with no TV in my seatback
Dreary Pittsburgh
A dreary first visit to Pittsburgh, testing the limits of my carryon with a 16-day trip
United status
I finally reached the lowest level of status on United, halving my boarding number and scoring me an exit row

December: Boston

Boston business
Business trips to Boston mean cookie cutter hotels and plenty of lobster
Boston by air
Boston’s topography is totally different than I thought
Chicago fog
Flying home to Chicago for the last time in 2012