Category: Dominican Republic

  • Sunday Museums and Metros

    My All You Can Jet pass prohibited travel on Fridays and Sundays, forcing me to stay in the Dominican Republic for three full days. Without going to the beach, I wasn’t sure how I would spend my time. A determined traveler could see most historic sights in one long day, with a second day for […]

  • Colonial Santo Domingo

    Immediately after buying the All You Can Jet pass I sat down in front of jetBlue’s route map and tried to find the most interesting cities to visit. Naturally, first on that list was Colombia, but I also wanted to visit one of the Caribbean destinations available. I’m not much of an island-lover since the […]

  • Modern Art in Santo Domingo

    The Dominican Republic was one of two international destinations I touched down in during my All You Can Jet adventure. While I did visit most of the Christopher Columbus attractions in Santo Domino, I quickly became bored with walking up and down the main pedestrian street trying to ignore men staring and making kissy noises. […]

  • All I Could Jet 2010

    After more than 39 hours in the air and nearly 19,000 miles flown across 15 flights I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of Jet Blue’s All You Can Jet promotion. With that much flying I had the in-flight commercials memorized and had no problem deciding what snacks to choose (plantain chips are interesting but you […]

  • Up in the Air

    I’ve been on a lot of flights lately but this view over the Caribbean coming back from The Dominican Republic was the most beautiful.