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  • Where I Slept: Bekopaka, Madagascar

    Bekopaka, Madagascar | 20 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip) Our first day back on the road was a long one, bringing us to the ferry crossing at Bekopaka at dusk. Cars were loaded onto the barge in the water and we jumped onboard, dandling our feet over the […]

  • Where I Slept: Antsiraraka, Madagascar

    Antsiraraka, Madagascar | 18 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip) Once again, I woke up to little kids giggling outside my tent. Sunsets and sunrises were some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen here. After some more time in the canoe, our third day, we climbed atop the […]

  • Where I Slept: Tsiribihina River, Madagascar (day 2)

    Tsiribihina River, Madagascar | 17 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip) Our second full day on the river meant more wildlife spotting (including lemurs!) and lunch and swimming at a waterfall. I was traveling in the shoulder season so none of these spots were crowded and we didn’t see […]

  • Where I Slept: Tsiribihina River, Madagascar (day 1)

    Tsiribihina River, Madagascar | 16 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip) Two nights of our trip were spent camping on the banks of the Tsiribihina River. We cut it close and set up our tents at dusk both night, eating fish from the river by candlelight. Each morning we […]

  • Where I Slept: Miandrivazo, Madagascar

    Miandrivazo, Madagascar | 15 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip) Traveling alone ensures a bit of uncertainty when trying to book trips that you can’t afford to do alone. My hostel had a few French tourists looking to round out their group trip on the Ttsiribihina River. I was […]

  • Where I Slept: Ansirabe, Madagascar

    Aantananarivo, Madagascar | 14 May, 2007 | $8.16 Tana is a lovely town but I never intended to spend five days there. After my debit card was swiped in Jordan and flagged while I was in Ethiopia my bank finally cancelled it and sent me a new one… to my mom’s house in the U.S. […]

  • Where I Slept: Aantananarivo, Madagascar

    Aantananarivo, Madagascar | 11 May, 2007 | $14.15 After my crazy overnight ride from Moyale to Nairobi, Kenya I was totally exhausted. I did not take a photo of the cage I slept in overnight for fear that the other, somewhat hostile, passengers would realize why I wouldn’t put my daypack (holding my laptop, hard […]

  • Me-go Mix: Track 9

    Me-go Mix: Track 9 “Analakely” — Lola To download using Windows “right click” and save to disk. Mac users, you know what to do. The sprawling market at the end of Analakely Street in downtown Antananarivo Sometimes when you’re traveling in a country you hear a handful of popular songs over and over. Lola’s songs […]

  • Published in Everywhere Magazine

    The email just came… my photo of a lemur in Isialo National Park in Madagascar will definitely be in Issue #4 of Everywhere Magazine! I haven’t seen a publication date for the issue yet (I’m guessing August/September) but you can catch a sneak peek or click through the whole issue here. My photo is toward […]

  • Everywhere Magazine Article

    After returning home last fall I spotted a new travel magazine at my local bookstore, Everywhere Magazine. It’s an interesting idea, using a website to gather content rather than relying on professional travel writers. It also gives regular travelers a chance to be published. I’ve been waiting for the perfect “theme” to come up and […]