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Where I Slept: Antsiraraka, Madagascar


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Dugout canoe

Antsiraraka, Madagascar | 18 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip)

Once again, I woke up to little kids giggling outside my tent. Sunsets and sunrises were some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen here. After some more time in the canoe, our third day, we climbed atop the bank and loaded our baggage into carts pulled by large animals.

Our destination, a tiny town called Antsiraraka, was where we would meet up with the road the following day. We arrived just before dark, walking through farmlands and crossing barefoot across small rivers. The townspeople were finishing up their chores while I explored the town. Whenever I tried to take a picture a large group congregated, insisting I fit everyone into the picture, leaving me with many awkward group shots.

More photos of the walk to Antsiraraka can be seen in the gallery.