Category: Pre-Trip Planning

  • Kawaii time!

    Sure, it’s been way too long since I updated. The problem is I’ve been traveling too much the past year—mostly for work. Last March I spent a month in Argentina but it’s time for a new adventure. Time to plan…   

  • Any More Questions?

    I really appreciate all of the emails I’ve received recently from my readers. It’s taken me a while, but I think I’ve answered all of your questions. My, a lot of you are trying to program websites yourselves. My best advice it to keep it simple. Remember that you don’t need as extensive site as […]

  • Africa Advice

    I am still soliciting any advice on Africa, including Egypt and Jordan, for my next leg. You guys know what I like, so let me know if there’s somewhere I just can’t miss. As for animals, giraffes, zebras and hippos are my top 3 so the big cats will just be a plus. At the […]

  • Where to in 2007?

    With the new year coming up I find myself without a plan. My intentions have always been to follow India with Africa and I still intend to. The only problem is deciding where and how. Most of you know I love planning for trips almost as much at taking them but planning on the road […]

  • I’m Off

    Today is the day! In a few hours I get on a plane in Chicago and fly to Seoul with a brief plane change in Tokyo. I will arrive in Seoul around 7am Friday cst. Of course, it will be time to go to bed there so I have to plan my plane sleeping well. […]

  • Visa Man Pulls Through

    I got my passport!!! I don’t know if I have ever been so happy to see a FedEx man in my life. Thanks for worrying along with me, we can all now let out a sigh of relief.

  • Voicemail Runaround

    On Thursday I left a few messages with the Uzbekistan consulate in NYC about my passport. When I talk to an assistant I was told to call back at 5pm to speak with the man in charge of visas. When I called at 5pm I received voicemail again, but this time I had the visa […]

  • Passport Update

    With seven days to go I am still waiting on my passport. After phone tag with the Uzbek Consulate in NYC I have discovered that they are holding it hostage. One would assume that the processing time would be 5 days—which is normal—but the Uzbek Consulate asks for 10. Even with 10 days of processing, […]

  • Hey There, Old Friends

    Welcome back Phase 1 subscribers! It took me longer than expected to get the email notification working after Me-Go’s redesign, but it is finally back. If you received an email asking you to confirm your request it’s because you were on my previous list of subscribers. Now, of course, it’s possible that you didn’t want […]

  • iPod Surgery

    I am a big Macintosh fan. My school didn’t use computers growing up and we were a PC household—my dad liked to build his own computers out of spare parts. When I began college I was exposed to the world of Apple Computer. Most people who know me probably think it was the bright design, […]