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Gallery Opening


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Although I toyed with switching gallery management software to either Zen Photo, Pixel Post, Gallery or Simple Viewer, I ended up finding exactly what I needed in an updated version of what I was using before—Photostack.

Photostack now supports nested galleries, so the gallery is now organized by country and then by city. The move has highlighted some navigation issues, which I hope to fix as soon as I get the descriptions up! If you are a veteran reader you will notice that there is no new content in the gallery—you’ll have to wait until I get to South Korea for your next fix.

2 responses to “Gallery Opening”

  1. Dyani Avatar

    hi, i was just wondering why there is no gallery up, and all of the pictures from past posts are not available any longer.

    1. Megan Avatar

      My site was hacked a while back and I haven’t fixed everything and re-uploaded the gallery yet. I fully intend to have the entire site back to (even better) state than it was in the fall but I’ve been really busy. I think most of the images from old posts should be up. Do you have an example? Thanks for posting though, these little comments and emails I get help motivate me to get working on it again.