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Passport Update


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With seven days to go I am still waiting on my passport. After phone tag with the Uzbek Consulate in NYC I have discovered that they are holding it hostage. One would assume that the processing time would be 5 days—which is normal—but the Uzbek Consulate asks for 10. Even with 10 days of processing, weekends and mailing time I should have received it by now. From the message I got last night all I know is that they had some “questions.” I am not sure if they were trying to communicate these questions to me telepathically, because they never called me during the 16 days they have had my passport, application and $100 money order. Today I am sitting by the phone waiting for a phone call so I can request to have my passport sent back. At this point I am doubtful that I will be issued a visa, for whatever reason, but at the very least I need that passport to board my flight to Seoul next Thursday.

8 responses to “Passport Update”

  1. mat Avatar

    Wow… I feel like you’ve been planning this trip for ever!!

  2. Megan Avatar

    Me too! I should really feel more prepared than I do right now.

  3. ocnative Avatar

    Wow, I wonder what their problem is? And if they have questions, ask them and return the passport for goodness sakes. What a pain!

    I’m counting down with you!

  4. Megan Avatar

    I don’t know what the problem is. I am a fabulous person and they would be lucky to have me visit their country and talk it up to other travelers. The reality is that former Soviet countries have continued on the tradition of unneccesary red tape.

  5. Claudia Avatar

    We wish you the best of LUCK!!!!!

  6. Jan Blake Avatar
    Jan Blake

    Oh! what a bummer, I do hope and pray it comes soon so as you
    can stop worring, it is such a drag and you do not need that just before you leave. I even feel excited about your trip and imagine that it is me doing all this what I never got to do. Hope things improve and wish you Bon Voyage and no more problems. So glad to be getting these again.

  7. vlad Avatar

    maybe they have issues with certain countries that you have visited before? or is this a new passport?

  8. Megan Avatar

    It’s a brand new passport. All that’s in there is a double entry Chinese visa. Maybe it’s too new! I haven’t been to Israel, and that’s the only country most people put up a stink about.