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  • Where I Slept: Lumbini, Nepal

    Lumbini, Nepal | 29 November, 2006 | $1.67 (my portion, shared with 2 others) People always ask if I’m lonely traveling alone. It really isn’t and I’m rarely alone. After leaving Sui in Pokhara (she wanted to head to a National Park to find Tigers), I headed South toward the Indian border. On the way […]

  • Where I Slept: Pokhara, Nepal

    Pokhara, Nepal | 25 November, 2006 | $5.56 Sui and I got back from our separate treks on the same day and agreed that we needed time to rest before continuing on to India. I camped out in Pokhara, working on my computer and enjoying a few sunsets from the roof. I felt great the […]

  • Where I Slept: Ghorepani, Nepal

    Ghorepani, Nepal | 22 November, 2006 | $0.69 Day six of the Jomsom Trek was the day I was dreading, the day when I spent more than eight hours climbing up hard stone steps. We were entertained along the way by schoolchildren heading to class and locals carrying heavy loads with ease. I met up […]

  • Where I Slept: Tatopani, Nepal

    Tatopani, Nepal | 21 November, 2006 | $0.69 As we continued to hike downhill the scenery became more lush we passed many more small farms and even saw a waterfall or two. I continued to hike off and on with the two firefighters from Colorado whom I met a few days into my trek. We […]

  • Where I Slept: Ghasa, Nepal

    Ghasa, Nepal | 20 November, 2006 | $1.11 By day four the blisters on my feet started to slow me down. We also started to see a lot more traffic along the trail at lower elevations. A road was being cut into the side of the mountains which made me a bit sad for what […]

  • Where I Slept: Marpha, Nepal

    Marphah, Nepal | 19 November, 2006 | $0.70 What a long day! From Muktinath we came back down the path past Kagbeni, past Jomsom and onward all the way to Marpha. Hiking more than seven hours was tough, but once we came down into the valley we were greeted by bright yellow trees that appeared […]

  • Where I Slept: Muktinath, Nepal

    Muktinath, Nepal | 18 November, 2006 | $1.40 (my half of bill, shared with roommate) After a lonely first day of trekking in which I felt responsible for entertaining my porter I made some friends on day two. I always feel apprehensive hiking with others, not wanting to slow them down, but Drew from California […]

  • Where I Slept: Kagbeni, Nepal

    Kagbeni, Nepal | 17 November, 2006 | $1.39 After a lengthy stay in Kathmandu and six days in Pokhara I finally did the thing that one does in Nepal—hike. My longtime readers know I’m not a hiker and I don’t enjoy hiking for its own sake. In Nepal, however, hiking is the best way to […]

  • Where I Slept: Kathmandu #2, Nepal

    Kathmandu, Nepal | 8 November, 2006 | $4.86 After my first night in Kathmandu both Sui and I searched the outskirts of the tourist area for a cheaper hotel. We found a nice place to settle in for what turned out to be ten days in the city. We did a bit of sightseeing but […]

  • Where I Slept: Kathmandu, Nepal

    Kathmandu, Nepal | 2 November, 2006 | $11.10 After 13 hours of driving, including crossing the border from Tibet to Nepal, Sui and I were ecstatic to find any hotel room in busy Kathmandu. Arriving so late in the day we didn’t have much choice and ended up in overpriced rooms in the center of […]