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Where I Slept: Ghasa, Nepal


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Fourth night on my trek - Ghasa, Nepal

Ghasa, Nepal | 20 November, 2006 | $1.11

By day four the blisters on my feet started to slow me down. We also started to see a lot more traffic along the trail at lower elevations. A road was being cut into the side of the mountains which made me a bit sad for what would come of the way of life for everyone in these small villages. Progress is good but I also worry about the loss of identity and tradition. At lunch I also saw my first group of Maoists marching through town.

This hotel had a shared hot shower across the courtyard and a large main room where all of the hikers and porters ate dinner together. Later in the evening someone found a guitar and a round of Nepalese folk songs was cheerfully sung. My porter was a bit grumpy and left before he was asked to sing. At this point of the hike there were a lot of familiar faces and we all looked forward to meeting up again at the next town’s hot springs.

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