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  • Where I Slept: Dunhuang, China – Lhasa, Tibet

    Dunhuang, China – Lhasa, Tibet | 18 October, 2006 | $31.41 ($12.41 overnight sleeper bus, $19 train) A year ago this site was hacked and the Where I Slept series went on hiatus. I’ve decided to resurrect it where I left off last year, on my way across China into Tibet. After a nearly sleepless […]

  • Where I Slept: Urumqi-Dunhuang, China

    Urumqi – Dunhuang, China | 16 October, 2006 | $10.51 (over night hard seat train) Although I waited around for a sleeper train for a few days this leg was totally full. I finally gave up and decided it was time to have my hard seat overnight experience in China. I sat at a table […]

  • Where I Slept: Urumqi, China

    Urumqi, China | 15 October, 2006 | $0 (couchsurfing) I met David first back in Mongolia but the first time I came through town he was somewhere in Western Mongolia. This time around our schedules matched up and I took a bus over to his apartment next to Xinjiang University. After four months on the […]

  • Where I Slept: Urumqi, China

    Urumqi, China | 13 October, 2006 | $12.36 This is the same hotel I stayed in the first time I was in Urumqi and I thought it was easiest to go there since I knew where it was and what the rooms went for. After the rough travel I put myself through in Central Asia […]

  • Where I Slept: Kashgar – Urumqi, China

    Kashgar – Urumqi, China | 11 October, 2006 | $42.65 (high speed sleeper train) This was my second time on this train and this time it was almost totally empty. I shared my 4-bed compartment with a middle-aged woman was quiet and courteous. She noticed I had a cold and insisted I take a few […]

  • Where I Slept: Osh, Kyrgyzstan – Kashgar, China

    Osh, Kyrgyzstan – Kashgar, China | 8 October, 2006 | $50 (overnight sleeper bus) This would be my third time traveling between Osh and Sary Tash on this trip and this time I decided to go by bus. The first time was in a large China Aid truck after my accident and the second time […]

  • Where I Slept: Urumqi, China

    Urumqi, China | 31 July, 2006 | $11.63 USD When I first arrived in Urumqi I was traveling with the Taiwanese woman I met in Jiayuguan. The first hotel that we tried was full and calling around it seemed that most of the tourist-grade hotels were booked. We took suggestions from a few European travelers […]

  • Where I Slept: Turpan, China

    Turpan, China | 25 July, 2006 | $3.71 USD This was a nice hotel, really, but the woman I was traveling with and I asked what cheaper options they had. The staff in the fancy reception area hesitated and finally revealed that they did have cheaper rooms in a building out back but they were […]

  • Where I Slept: Dunhuang-Turpan, China

    Dunhuang-Turpan, China (overnight train) | 23 July, 2006 | $23.98 USD (train ticket) This sleeper train took us from a town about two hours outside of Dunhuang to a town about one hour outside of Turpan. The train line wasn’t laid down in the most convenient route for tourists but its relatively easy to find […]

  • Where I Slept: Lanzhou, China

    Lanzhou, China | 19 July, 2006 | $5.69 USD Lanzhou is one of those places that you don’t really want to go to but you end up passing through because its a rail hub. I ended up stuck here in 2004 and can confirm that, even in 2006, McDonalds did not come this far Northwest. […]