Where I Slept: Lanzhou, China

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Lanzhou, China

Lanzhou, China | 19 July, 2006 | $5.69 USD

Lanzhou is one of those places that you don’t really want to go to but you end up passing through because its a rail hub. I ended up stuck here in 2004 and can confirm that, even in 2006, McDonalds did not come this far Northwest. They still had KFC though! I ran into two other foreigners there (the first I’d seen since Mongolia) and we got KFC together. They weren’t big fast food eaters but Lanzhou was their first stop after leaving Tibet and were dying for some Western food. Everyone in the KFC watched us eat and a few little girls came over and asked to take photos with us.

With a day to kill I tried to catch the newest Superman but all of the theaters were showing it dubbed in Chinese. There’s actually a nice park developed along the riverside that’s good for people watching. It had a small exercise area where people played ping pong and used those funny public exercise contraptions that you see all around China. This room was nice. Even though it was plain it had a bit of decoration and was very clean.


  1. mina
    July 19, 2009

    I love this series of “Where I Slept” posts! It’s great to have such specific details and awesome photos.

    Thanks so much for postings these, I’m sure they’ll prove to be very helpful to me.

  2. Megan
    July 20, 2009


    I’m glad you like them! Hopefully the will continue to be interesting over the long term.