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Tracking a Megan


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Could it be? There’s new maps up! Okay, the Mongolian flag sucks and there’s no data for NW China or Kyrgyz but it’s something. If it makes you feel any better, I took a ton of souvenir and sketchbook photos for the relevent sections but haven’t gotten around to writing the code and resizing the images yet. It’s coming eventually.

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  2. TheKo Avatar


    You have a great blog that has really inspired me – thanks!

    I will begin my first backpacker trip ever on november 1st and is therefore working on my own travel blog. Although I will never be able to create a site this nice, I am using your site as an inspiration. Is your ‘Last spotted’-map hand drawn or is it something that I can use on my site as well?

    I hope you’re having fun in Uzbekistan!

  3. ali Avatar

    The maps turned out wonderfully! It’s a hoot to see “taxi” as one of the modes of transportaion.

    I miss you…especially during things like the Hideout Block Party. You would’ve liked the group of people that I met via an old work buddy.

    ps…good tactic to say “my moosh” when military/police try to stop you. Besides…you’d pass for being from some vague ex-soviet country.

  4. Megan Avatar

    I’m glad I’ve been an inspiration. There’s tons of people doing the same thing (well, maybe not including Tajikistan) so keep looking. I’m a designer by profession so don’t worry about having a certain looking site. MAny people use the default templates and it’s fine. I’m just picky.

    Unfortunately, all of the maps are hand drawn by me so you’re going to have to find a map somewhere and put a star on there yourself. There are plenty of world maps out there, ti shoudl be easy to find something. There’s also blog services that are specifically for travelers which offer maps that you can update. Check that out too because it will allow you some customization without needing the skill or programs I use.

    Shared taxi is like a MAJOR form of transportation in Central Asia. You can take a shared taxi for 20 hour trips even!

    I miss you too and all the social stuff I’m missing. Just have a drink for me next time you’re out. The only beer I’ve been drinking here is Russian and it’s called Baltica 3. It’s kind of expensive though! Someone here asked me if I was form the Ukraine yesterday!

  5. ali Avatar

    I told you you look vaguely Russian! And that is a cool thing. There’s a guy at the current freelance gig who can pass for anything from eastern europe to turkish.

    Alas, I’ll always be pale and vaguely northern european.

    I’m drinking a PIlsner Urquell just for you.

    Egads…20 hours in a taxi.