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  • Traveling Through 2020 (Part 2)

    March 2020: Dallas, Chicago One day home from Paris and I left for Dallas. Did I mention 2020 was going to be a crazy jam-packed year of travel for me? Little did I know that this would be the last business trip of the year for me, that my job in Atlanta a week later […]

  • Traveling Through 2020 (Part 1)

    I thought about making a new “year end” post every year. Even up until today I thought I had only missed on year of these but it looks like the last one was in 2013. Yikes. It’s funny to start this back up again in a year which looked to be my biggest year of […]

  • Spring 2015

    Spring came and… it is still here in June. There’s little bits of trees and flowers filling the air and getting in my eyes as I bike through the Northside of Chicago. I don’t have seasonal allergies, except that I suddenly do this spring. My dog Buster’s happy to be outside exploring again, and we […]

  • Leftover Blues

  • Dallas’s Finest “Jade” Spa

    I find myself in Houston for work quite often, usually in the suburbs, but this time it was downtown Dallas. Going in May meant it wasn’t too hot yet, and we ate at a fun burger place near the hotel just past a rundown place that one would assume to be abandoned until she saw […]

  • A Little Early for the First Long Ride of 2015

    Weather in Chicago is fickle, and in April I decided it was not freezing enough to make the ride to The Chicago Botanical Garden in the Northern suburbs. It wasn’t snowing but there were no leaves on the trees, we fought a lot of wind and the occasional drizzle. One positive part of the ride’s […]

  • Chelsea Champions (kinda)

    I didn’t grow up in a sports family. Sure, my mom watches every Cubs game but that’s just part of being a Chicagoan. I wrote about traveling through southern India to see the Bears embarrass themselves in the Super Bowl a few years ago — also just my responsibility as a Chicagoan. Hockey, I like. […]

  • Frozen

    Last year we had the polar vortex but this year feels worse somehow. I spent one glorious day outside in Houston before starting a work gig and people were outside having picnics and genuinely looked not miserable like us northerners.

  • Minnesota x 3

    Chicago has been dreary all December—we received something like under 30 total minutes of sunshine during the first three weeks. I need sunshine! To make matters worse, I was blessed with great work this month… in Minnesota. Three trips to Minnesota in December with my days home in-between dreary and cold was not the way […]

  • Zoo Lights