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Sloan and Life Before Travel


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Sloan at Bottom Lounge
Sloan at Bottom Lounge // November 23, 2014 // Chicago, IL

There was a time once when I would drive into the city for live music every weekend. I followed bands, religiously read the liner notes to find even more obscure bands to fall for, and hung out after the show to get the set list and the band’s autograph. Sloan is one of those personable bands that always hangs outside after a show to talk to fans—at least they used to. I’m not sure anymore because halfway a set my back is hurting from standing in place and I’m wondering if they will finally play my favorite song. I’m definately not standing outside in the cold to see if Chris remembers me from the Twice Removed tour.

Before I left on my first RTW trip in 2004, I was really into music. When I came back a lot of bands I followed had split up, weren’t touring, or were now so popular that I no longer wanted to see them live. Every once in a while it bothers me that I’ve given up what was once such a huge part of my life.

Still, what can you count on staying around for ten years? Sloan. I can count on Sloan.

3 responses to “Sloan and Life Before Travel”

  1. Andria Avatar

    100% AGREE!! I’ve seen Sloan 10 times, and they have never let me down!

  2. David Avatar

    But does the band have a burger named after them at Kuma’s, yet?


    1. Megan Avatar

      No, but Kuma’s is only metal bands—Sloan’s roots is more “70s rock.”