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Where I Slept: Pokhara, Nepal


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Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal | 25 November, 2006 | $5.56

Sui and I got back from our separate treks on the same day and agreed that we needed time to rest before continuing on to India. I camped out in Pokhara, working on my computer and enjoying a few sunsets from the roof. I felt great the day after getting back from my trek but when I woke up the next day I could hardly walk and my view from the 3rd floor wasn’t worth the agony of climbing all of those stairs.

A restaurant by the lake served Thanksgiving dinner for a littler more than $6. No turkey was served (turkeys aren’t very common around Asia) but it was a special meal nonetheless. Below if a video of a traditional dance show I saw during my stay in Pokhara.

Nepalese Dancers from Megan Kearney on Vimeo.