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Came in for Typhoid, Came out with Rubella


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On Monday I went to Germbusters, my friendly neighborhood clinic for travel vaccinations and infectious diseases. I really just wanted my Typhoid shot because it had been two years since my last one. Of course, I was prepared for the Typhoid shot, plus the consultation and injection fees—which should have been around $100. However, I was persuaded to get the meningitis and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations as well. There was recently an outbreak of mumps in the Midwest United States and it was soon clear that those of us that only got one shot as children required a booster. I was required to have a meningitis vaccination before starting college, but that was over ten years ago! I was due.

Interestingly, the one shot I went in for turned out not to be a shot at all. Typhoid can still be administered as a shot, but it is also now available in a series of four pills to be taken at home. I opted for the pills, because they are the same price as the shot, but without the additional injection fee. At the end of my appointment I walked out $260 poorer with two sore arms, a fistful of prescriptions and a cooled live typhoid vaccine in my bag.

Meningitis shot Live typhoid in my fridge

If you are looking to vaccinate yourself for an upcoming trip be sure to shop around at a few clinics, as prices can vary greatly. Here’s the breakdown:

$56 Typhoid, oral
$89 Meningococcal
$55 MMR-II
$35 Office visit
$25 Injection fee (2 shots)