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Couchsurfers from Helsinki


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Last week I had my first couchsurfers at my new apartment. Despite the title, neither is from Helsinki although they both live there. Dima was born in Russia and Dagmara in Poland. They were brave to stay in my un-airconditioned apartment during the worst heat wave in a long time, and to bike through Chicago traffic.

Dagmara stopped by the Polish neighborhood just North of my place and cooked us this really interesting traditional Polish soup made from fruit (strawberries, cherries and apples) and some sort of gelatin base. She claimed it was for “hot weather” but it was cooked and hot—not what I expected at all. We also drank gorgeously green cactus juice which they thought was hilarious. The carton was in Polish but they had never seen cactus juice marketed in Poland.

2 responses to “Couchsurfers from Helsinki”

  1. Calgary jeep Avatar
    Calgary jeep

    What’s the pie above the soup? Looks really yummy! I would have guessed that the ‘soup’ is a fruit salad that is served chilled but was a bit surprised that it’s a warm soup, yum!

    1. Megan Avatar

      The pie is some sort of custard-type desert. I’m not big on cold soups but fruit salads are great cold.