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Summer Bike Haul


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Today I tested the strength of my basket with a 24 pack of Old Stlye (and a bag of guacamole ingredients not pictured). I thought it was the perfect picture of summer for the LGRAB Games. The games require you preform only four of the following tasks:

  • on vacation? rent a bike and go for a ride!
  • write a letter advocating for bicycling infrastructure (bike lanes, bike rack, etc) to your alderman/council representative, mayor, or a local business.
  • take a picture of something along your commute that says “summer” to you, and explain why
  • commute to work by bike or bike/transit if you don’t already
  • perform a maintenance task on your bike
  • explore a greenway or bike path in your city that you haven’t previously visited
  • test ride a different type of bike than you normally ride (road bike, mountain bike, etc.)
  • read a book about cycling
  • ride your bike somewhere new in your city
  • go on a group ride

I’ve already taken this lovely picture of “summer” above. I use my bike for most of my transport, including grocery shopping. When I was looking to buy some cheap beer I gambled that the huge case would fit in my awesome steel basket. Thankfully, it was a perfect fit. What reminds you more of summer than drinking cheap beer with friends?

Because I’ll be traveling I’m not sure I’ll manage to get to four tasks before the games end but I’ll give it a shot. Too bad I didn’t take photos when I commuted downtown on the lovely new Kinzie protected bike path Thursday!