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Where I Slept: Kathmandu, Nepal


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First hotel room in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal | 2 November, 2006 | $11.10

After 13 hours of driving, including crossing the border from Tibet to Nepal, Sui and I were ecstatic to find any hotel room in busy Kathmandu. Arriving so late in the day we didn’t have much choice and ended up in overpriced rooms in the center of the tourist area. This hotel did offer me one big surprise… wifi! Although wireless internet is increasingly common I hadn’t encountered much of it on this trip so far. Kathmandu was also shockingly crowded compared to Tibet, even Lhasa. After spending seven days driving across wide open plateaus and breathing fresh air the congested streets of Kathmandu took a bit of getting used to.

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3 responses to “Where I Slept: Kathmandu, Nepal”

  1. donna Avatar

    i just love it when $11.10 is the amount for an ‘overpriced room’.

  2. donna Avatar

    come to think of it, i can’t even get 24 hours of wifi for 11 bucks in most of the rooms i stay in for business travel.

  3. Megan Avatar

    Business travel wifi in hotels is such a rip-off in the U.S.! I got pretty stingy on the road, but I did luck out when they charged by the bed, not by the room in a few places. I think India was like that. so I got a large two-bed room for the price of a single since I was alone.