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Where I Slept: Lhasa, Tibet


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Double room in Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa, Tibet | 25 October, 2006 | $6.88 (my half of bill – shared with roommate)

After my exhaustive journey from Tajikistan to Tibet I needed some time to rest and regroup. The high altitude (11,800 feet / 3,600 meters), made simple tasks like walking to dinner in Lhasa difficult and left most travelers around me with headaches and colds. My first five nights were spent in an 8-person dorm room. With so many people sick, there was always someone in the room and I never took a photo.

Luckily, I hit it off with one of my dorm roommates, Sui, whom I ended up traveling with off and on through Tibet, Nepal and India. The room above was our first of many shared rooms and where we planned our seven-day trip through Tibet to the Nepalese border.