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Orlando Connections


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The key to using the jetBlue’s All You Can Jet deal was determining the cities with most connections possible. Orlando servers much of the East and Caribbean and appears to be almost as much of a hub as New York or Boston. With only one flight a day to Bogota I found myself connecting through Orlando with an entire afternoon free. Orlando International Airport looks like Florida to me—teal carpet, skylights, chain restaurants and palm trees.

Sunset over the Caribbean

My flight to Bogota was the first where I was acutely aware of other AYCJers. The line to get on the plane was full of 20-somthings with backpacks and AYCJ baggage tags. The man sitting next to me on the plane was wearing an AYCJ sweatshirt and confirmed that he and his friend were traveling together for the month and only spending one full day in Bogota.

My second foreign immigration experience on this trip was very different than my first. Whereas I barely spent 15 minutes entering the Dominican Republic, the Colombian immigration process took more than two hours. After finally reaching the front of the line I endured a list of questions in Spanish from the officer. I was amused to see that when I described myself as a designer the closest category he could find to place me in was “systems engineer.”