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Where I Slept: Ansirabe, Madagascar


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Hotel room in Ansirabe, Madagascar

Aantananarivo, Madagascar | 14 May, 2007 | $8.16

Tana is a lovely town but I never intended to spend five days there. After my debit card was swiped in Jordan and flagged while I was in Ethiopia my bank finally cancelled it and sent me a new one… to my mom’s house in the U.S. My flight to Madagascar was already book and I only had a 7-day transit visa for Kenya so I continued on and it eventually reached me in Madagascar.

Because flights only run once per week and I had a one month visa I had to plan my route though the country with care. My schedule wasn’t tight but I definitely had a plan for this month of travel. Ansirable is the starting point for arranging a dugout canoe trip to the west coast. After arriving in the dusty field serving as a bus station I jumped on a pousse-pousse (rickshaw pulled by a man half my size) to a hostel in the middle of town. I felt bad that he was pulling my weight and my heavy backpack until he tried to convince me the hostel had burned down.

2 responses to “Where I Slept: Ansirabe, Madagascar”

  1. Skott - Get Up and Globe Avatar
    Skott – Get Up and Globe

    I love this “where I slept” feature. We will be spending (hopefully) a decent amount of time in Madagascar, so here’s hoping we can find some cool little places like you have!

    1. Megan Avatar

      Thanks! I really recommend the hotel I stayed at in Tana and I also liked my place down in Anakao