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Where I Slept: Lalibela, Ethiopia


Written by:

Megan in Lalibella

Lalibella, Ethiopia | 25 April, 2007 | $7.95

There was no direct bus from Nefas Mewcha to Lalibela and the local buses heading East were filled to standing capacity. Despite getting to the bus before dawn all were already full. Before I could think about my next move an official came by and kicked people off so I could get on. I felt bad until I realized they were only traveling a few miles and I was traveling all day.

The bus ended in a little town called Gashema, where I ate lunch and watched men break rocks by hand while a Chinese supervisor stood and watched work on the new road progress. Lalibela is one of the most touristy areas in all of Ethiopia but it was still very underdeveloped when I was there in 2007. I tell everyone who asks to visit before it turns into a circus.

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