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North Korea in HD


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A tourist named Steve Gong was able to shoot HD video with his Nikon 5D camera by training himself to compose and focus blindly, with the camera hanging around his neck. Along with many detractors I agree that the hairstylist in this video, (even if she agreed to be filmed), could be at danger from the North Korean government. Even worse—the fact that he got away with it doesn’t make his assigned handler look good. Read more at his blog.

This video is not ten minutes of haircutting. Watch the entire thing, including an eerie descent into the Pyongyang subway (reminds me of Uzbekistan!) and scenes of the empty capital.

Pyongyang Style from Steve Gong on Vimeo.

It’s wonderful when my interests intersect, like in this review of Peru’s new branding and marketing campaign. From what I hear from other travelers Peru’s tourism had developed greatly from 2001, when I arrived in Cusco and was able to book a hike to Machu Picchu for $70 only two days in advance.