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Biking on the Lake in November


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It has been unseasonably warm in Chicago this week so I took advantage of the good weather with a 23 mile bike ride on Chicago’s beautiful lakefront path. Those of you in the Northern hemisphere, get outside and take advantage of the weather before winter sets in for good!

Chicago lakefront path

2 responses to “Biking on the Lake in November”

  1. Dottie Avatar

    Beautiful photos! I love seeing representations from others’ bike commutes in Chicago.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Thanks Dottie! Since I work from a home office the closest I have to a “bike commute” is to the gym. I do use my bike as my primary form of transportation all year round and only take the L or buses when I really need to because of distance or time.

    I’m sad that the weather is turning so I won’t be doing as long of rides as this one, but I’m curious about the lakefront path in the snow. I’ve seen on your blog that the path is plowed so I might have to give it a shot this winter.