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Where I Slept: Gyantse, Tibet


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Hotel room in Gygaste Tibet

Gyantse, Tibet | 27 October, 2006 | $3.13 (my half of bill – shared with roommate)

The second night of my Tibetan road trip was spent in Gyantse. We covered a lot of ground on this trip, and often visited more than one town each day. Leaving from Tsetang in the morning and detouring by the gorgeous Yamdrok Lake, we didn’t arrive in Gyantse until late in the day. Although this room looks just as “nice” as the last few, it was less than half the price.

The next morning we had a short amount of time to visit the monastery, where we played with the local children and climbed up the large stupa to look out over the town. There was a good amount of well-dressed Tibetans (I love their sense of style), and an extraordinary amount of dogs wandering around.

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