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Where I Slept: Altan Arashan, Kyrgyzstan


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Altan Arashan, Kyrgyzstan

Altan Arashan, Kyrgyzstan | 20 August, 2006 | $15.27

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve stayed. I suppose some of the beauty was in the remoteness and emptiness of the valley. I spent two nights here and probably could have stayed longer, sitting halfway up the mountain drawing and reading. Most people were keen to go hiking, and I did follow along with a few others one day, stupidly jumping from wet rock-to-rock to cross the rushing river. I was glad that we ran into at least a few locals even if they were carrying pieces of horse in a bag with them.

This small house was owned by the same man who owned the hotel back in Karakol but you’re limited to visiting during summer, before the road becomes impassable and on his schedule since his jeep is the only way to get here. The price included a two-bed room to myself and three meals. We were charged $10.18 for a spot in the 3-hour rough jeep ride each way from Karakol.

The house from the outside Organic door handle to my room View from my bedroom window

2 responses to “Where I Slept: Altan Arashan, Kyrgyzstan”

  1. dis Avatar

    That looks beautiful!

  2. Megan Avatar

    It really was beautiful! There were also some hot springs down the hill but it was a 6 foot climb over a wet rock wall to get in. The bathroom/outhouse is to the left of the house, slightly down the hill. You never want to drink too much when the toilet isn’t inside, you never know what you’ll run into in the dark on the way to the toilet at 2am!