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Where I Slept: Erdenedalay, Mongolia


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Erdenedalay, Mongolia

Erdenedalay, Mongolia | 7 July, 2006 | $3.33 USD

The last night in The Gobi Desert and a really nice family to stay with. The owner’s children were running around play fighting among the rusted out remains of old cars surrounding the ger. She even found a toilet seat and constructed a “Western-style” toilet in the outhouse. It didn’t flush, of course, but its the little gestures that make a difference when you travel. The owner was quite an independent woman and smart too?she made most of the girls try on her old deels to see if they would buy them.

Don’t miss the traditional painted beds, intricately painted ceiling poles and beautifully-embroidered fabric covering the hole in the ceiling. Fun fact about gers: you should only walk around them clockwise (like a Buddhist or Hindu temples). These are the type of customs that I learn while traveling and forget that most people don’t know.

The price above includes dinner and breakfast. You can read the story about my Gobi Desert trip here or look at all of my photos from Mongolia here in the gallery.

4 responses to “Where I Slept: Erdenedalay, Mongolia”

  1. Caryn Avatar

    You don’t know how much I am enjoying reading your tales. So inspiring. I even started to go back and combine and link different posts I made during my travel.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Thanks Caryn! I hope these big images popping up almost daily aren’t bothering people too much. Its always interesting to go back and reflect on old trips.

  3. princebishop Avatar

    i am LOVING your where i slept series of photos! your travel was much more adventurous than mine and i’m enjoying living vicariously a second time around.

  4. Megan Avatar

    Thanks PB! The Mongolian gers are certainly a good introduction… Chinese hotel rooms might not be quite as interesting with their white walls. However, I do find the price/size interesting as well as how my belongings have exploded across the room in most of my photos. Its hard to tell in the gers since there’s 5 of us in these.