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Touring the Middle East


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I knew the U.S. Military was desperate for recruits but I didn’t know how much so.

This morning I got a call from a woman inquiring about my “interest in the military.” Apparently I was put on a list as someone who “indicated an interest in the military.” Fess up, which one of you signed me up? I simply laughed and asked her if it was a crank call. She was nice about it but couldn’t explain how a thirty year-old liberal woman got on the list. If they want to recruit me to be a spy they need to be upfront about it. I admit that 50% of “normal” Americans I meet think I’m in the CIA already but I swear it’s not true! I wonder if this is because I listed Delta Force as one of my favorite movies on Facebook? I admit I’ve always wanted to go to Lebanon, but not as part of an “elite strike force.”

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  1. kimberley Avatar

    No, but I did sign you up for Pat Robertson’s fan club as well as the John McCain footsoldiers…

  2. Megan Avatar

    Now that’s really not funny.

  3. Stu Avatar

    I signed my sister up for the Presidential Prayer Team a few years ago ( Hehehe…I’m so evil.

    More interestingly, a well traveled good friend and fellow liberal was volunteering in Nigeria for two years. About six months into his stay he was approached by the Defence Intelligence Agency (the DoD’s own little spy agency). Spooky!

    (Disclaimer and secret little tidbit: I was in the AF in the early ’90s and they sent me to Saudi Arabia.)

  4. Nomadic Matt Avatar
    Nomadic Matt

    Hey, I came across your travel site and been reading it for about a half hour. I too think Vietnam is a crap country. My least favorite in all of Asia.

    I have my own travel blog.

    It’s a blog, has photos, travel tips. Come check it out if you have a chance.

    Where are you going next? (my guess was you were planning your next trip!)


  5. Sixintheworld Avatar

    Funny you should mention the CIA. When Dax’s Chemistry teacher in Atlanta found out we moved over the Christmas break, she speculated to the class that our RTW trip had really been part of a black ops mission and we had now gone undercover.

  6. Megan Avatar

    Interesting. Saudia Arabia would be interesting if I could go without covering my entire face. So many of the garments worn in hot Arabic countries are now made out of synthetics. The women look boiling under a black polyester gown while the men look so carefree in white, flowing linen.

    I don’t think Vietnam is a crap country but I didn’t have the best time there. Hanoi and Hoi An were great! It also gave me training for crossing the street anywhere in the world.

    Sure, kids could be good spies. They can fit into small spaces and think they’re invincible!