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Sunny Day in Mongolia


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After a bumpy flight on Mongolian Airlines (MIAT) I made it to Mongolia. After one day I’ve managed to take a quick look around and realize that nothing is really as it seems. Today will be spent looking around a bit more and visiting the costume museum—take a look at Queen Amidala’s costumes from the first new Star Wars film and you’ll see why. I should be leaving in a few days for a 10-20 day tour of the countryside if I can arrange it with a local tour operator.

For the past few days I’ve been getting emails from my mom telling me that VISA put an alert on my ATM card. I thought I had told them I was traveling but they needed to verify it with me by phone. Although my mom has limited power of attorney on the account she was not allowed to sort it out for me. After a few days back and forth and a day of no internet access I finally was able to call my bank’s 888 number via Skype here in Mongolia. Skype was a lifesaver, as Mongolia’s international phone lines are down and won’t be back up for up to one week.

For now I have a lot of planning to do for my time in Mongolia, but my Seoul photos are just about ready to post so hang tight. You will have to be patient for pictures of the stunning Mongolian countryside, as those will come after my trip!

3 responses to “Sunny Day in Mongolia”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Hi there – for the edification of other potential Mongolian travelers, can you post about the cost of your tour into the countryside? I’m curious what prices are like if you arrange your stuff in Mongolia.

  2. Laundro Avatar

    I am still so jealous…

    David R. and me were just talking about you last weekend about the cartwheels…

  3. Megan Avatar

    I will efinately give you all of the details when I get back to UB. It works out to the more people the cheaper it is basically.

    I just did a cartwheel in Moron this morning!