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All of Seoul is abuzz today, running about in red t-shirts in anticipation of South Korea’s World Cup game tonight. Like most Americans, I don’t follow soccer, even at the World Cup level. I did, however, finally figure out that Korea’s baseball league is still playing during the World Cup and hope to catch a game tomorrow night. There is a team here in Seoul sponsored by Hyundai called “The Unicorns.” As much as I would love to go to a Unicorns game, the team’s website is not in English so I can’t figure out if they’re home or away this week. The Bears, on the other hand, had it’s information translated enough for me to figure out that they’re playing at 6:30 tomorrow.

After a full day spent at the DMZ with North Korea, climbing up and down infiltration tunnels built by the N. Koreans I may not muster enough energy to make my way to City Hall in downtown Seoul, where a huge crowd has already gathered to watch the game.

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  1. Han Avatar

    I love that there’s a link on The Bears site called Fun & Joy! I’m sure you know that translates webpages from Korean to English right? It doesn’t handle graphics of course, and it wasn’t all that helpful with the Bears schedule when I tried to translate it, but it’s a start…

  2. nikita Avatar

    hey megan !! how are you? its great tohear that u r having a wonderful time in seol at a time when everyone is talking about the worldcup.
    im really very sorry for not being able to talk to u before u left,however will keep in touch thru mails.
    i am working part time at marshal fields jus for u to know,however will be meeting shirley this week.
    take care and be in touch

  3. Jim Avatar

    Hi there,
    I’ve been following your blog off and on for a few months from a link from Lonely Planet. Congrats on your departure! Your trip is very inspiring, and I’m off on my own “Phase 1” in a mere 10 months. I can’t wait to hear about Mongolia.

    Happy travels!