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White Christmas


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Although my president doesn?t believe global warming exists, we have not had a white Christmas in years. This year we got our first dusting of snow around Thanksgiving and have already had a serious snow storm.

My snowy street

My mom has started decorating the house–this is the only time of the year the red carpet on our stairs gets any respect.

Patriotic ornament // When your mom has a slot machine ornament it may be a sign that she enjoys gambling too much! // Our fake Christmas tree

In travel news, I?ve been reading a lot about Mongolia and a little about Central Asia. Air fares to those countries are not cheap. My library has a lot of guide books and I?ve also checked out a few videos on the region. All of the videos were Lonely Planet Globe Trekker productions with Ian Wright. I used to hate him as a host because he acts so silly and does things that come off as a bit disrespectful to the locals around him. But the more I watch him, the more I realize that a good travel host has to be able to convey all aspects of travel–not just the beautiful landscapes and history but also the smelly clothes and broken down buses.

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    Merry Holidays!!