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Moving Along Without a Halloween in Sight


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It?s hard to believe that I?ve been travelling for two months straight. In the grand scheme of things it hasn?t been long at all, but I imagine that it must seem like an eternity to most people back home (especially my mom). Halloween passed with no fanfare this year. People who know me well will understand why this is so devastating. I tried to buy candy but there?s not much chocolate to be seen out here on the edge of Yunnan. Out of desperation I bought a package of ?dense milk candy? thinking they just might be milk chocolate–I was wrong.

Tomorrow morning I set off to Hekou, the border crossing to Vietnam. The bus will take anywhere from 22-26 hours (you never can tell who?s information is correct in China). I?m half a day ahead of the U.S. and hope to catch the tail end of some election news when I arrive the 3rd in Vietnam. Although I haven?t seen an English-language newspaper in weeks I hope someone will have satellite TV in the mountain town I?m stopping in. Please vote this year, you must understand how important it is not only at home but also out here. Bush?s policies have made my travel plans more difficult across the globe and I hear almost every day from a European who is desperate to vote. Most Americans who never leave the country don?t realize how much our election and our policy affects the entire world.

In brighter news, I will be meeting up with my cousin in Hanoi for a few weeks. He doesn?t do the backpacker thing and I haven?t travelled with another person in about 6 years so it will be very interesting. I am ecstatic to see a familiar face and my parents can receive a visual confirmation that I?m still alive.

Thanks to everyone that?s been following along. I have been working on the sketchbook portion of the site and hope to have that up in the near future. The route map has been updated and all of my photos from China are in the gallery. If you have any questions or problems with the site please send me an email. I am still testing just how the notification system works. I don?t believe it has an auto-unsubscribe so just let me know if you signed up for updates (the box in the right hand column) and would like to be removed.

7 responses to “Moving Along Without a Halloween in Sight”

  1. Simone Avatar

    Hi Megan. How is Vietnam treating you? I’ve been following your travels. I’m both entertained and inspired. I can’t wait to read more. Simone

  2. vlad Avatar

    thats really weird. i subscribed to your blog right before you left… but this is only the second email update i have gotten!! i wonder why?

    anyways, yeah, it really sucks not being able to celebrate halloween. i’m traveling through bulgaria now, and although i’ve seen some posters mentioning halloween, i dont think it’s really a big deal here at all. sucks!!

    luckily, for fairly cheap, i was able to get a room here that has a tv, and shockingly, it gets cnn in english so i’ll be able to watch the election! although, i’ll have to get up at like 4am for that… *sigh*

  3. Dennis M Gleason Avatar
    Dennis M Gleason

    Greetings Megan

    I am your distant cousin – I am a decendant of Annie McParland Gleason (great grandson) and have been following your travels – have visited with your father a couple of months ago – am really fascinated by what you are experiencing – I wish you well and safe travels – drop me a line if you get a chance

    Kindest Regards


  4. Anne Avatar

    Hey Megan – I’m enjoying your updates – sounds like you’re having a great time. I just got back from visiting my brother’s family in Japan so particularly liked your photos from Kyoto. I was in Sasebo, Nagasaki, then Kyoto, so saw many of the same sights you did there. A beautiful place, but the food was better in southern Japan! Take care, Megan.


  5. Judy Avatar

    Hi Megan I have been following your travels and it is intersting. Just to let you know you are in my prayers . Your Aunt Judy

  6. Michael McMillan Avatar
    Michael McMillan


    It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been catching up on your travels. I hope all’s well and look forward to your next update. Take care, Megan.


  7. pismire Avatar

    Your picts are amazing. We live vicariously through you!