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Cosplay Kids


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*This* is the reason I?ve always wanted to come to Japan. It wasn?t the geishas, the samurai or the ancient temples–it was the fashion. I?m not sure that you could call the cosplay kids fashion, it seems like they?re just teenagers that want some attention. In any case I think they?re wonderful, I would have been sitting out on that bridge when I was in high school if I was Japanese.

Cosplay is basically a group of kids who like to dress up in costumes or assume characters on the weekends. This usually occurs on Sundays in the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo. The was a large range of people and costumes. Some girls were alone and wearing what looked like sheep herder outfits. Some girls were with large groups of friends and took on a more goth or punk look.

By Sunday I had grown a bit bored with Tokyo and wanted to make my way down to Kyoto. I only stayed because I knew Sunday was the day to see cosplay in Tokyo. I had saved the best for last and it didn?t disappoint. You can see photos of some of the costumes in the Gallery section.

In addition to the cosplay kids on the bridge the neighborhood of Harajuku had just about everything I could want–fast food, junk jewelry stores, sock stores and teen-oriented clothing stores. I was in love.

7 responses to “Cosplay Kids”

  1. Kimberley Avatar

    Hi Megan!

    I’m so glad that you’re blogging and adding pictures now!!! I check the site every day. 🙂


  2. chicklet_girl Avatar

    Glad to see you’re off to a good start on your trip! Those cosplay pictures are really interesting – were the kids amenable to having their photos taken? Such a wide range of looks, and a lot of effort being put into them. Sort of like a weekly science fiction or comics convention, no?

  3. Larry Hagemann Avatar
    Larry Hagemann

    Thanks, Megan, for the update. Your dad put me onto your site and I am, indeed, being notified of your postings. Safe journey!
    Cheers, Larry

  4. Kate Kliebhan Avatar
    Kate Kliebhan

    Too bad you couldn’t pack your Rainbow Brite costume. I just saw one in a catalog, but no adult sizes.

  5. Nina Avatar

    Hi Girlie,
    Wishing you lots-of-fun around the world. Chicago is getting chilly. I love the pictures, but am sad that you are retiring your cartwheel pics. Those are my favorite. I can’t even do a cartwheel. It’s too bad you didn’t get the marshmallows you were looking for. Just keep trying marshmallow looking things; I’m sure you’ll find one.

  6. Ali Avatar

    Oh man, that cosplay is something to see. It’s hard to decide which one was the best…but the paint-splatter duo has to be the most unique.

  7. cailin Avatar

    hi there! the cosplay pictures are amazing…thanks for posting them. my favorite is the girl with the pink bob and piggy earrings. so cute.