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Nikko: The cartwheel


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As some of you know, I try to take a photograph of myself doing a cartwheel in each city I travel to. I’ve amassed a good collection so far–in front of the Eiffel Tower, on top of Machu Picchu, in front of the Statue of Liberty… but this trip I considered stopping the tradition. The entire spectacle feels more disrespectful as I get farther from home. On a more selfish note I have to plan it out, find a place, wear pants, bring along my disposable camera and find someone to take the picture.

When I was in Nikko, Japan I visited a lot of the sites with an Israeli man named Erez. He had a very nice Nikon D100 which he used to take a second cartwheel picture. I have gotten in the habit of using a disposable camera for many reasons. It is not valuable and less likely to be stolen by the stranger I’ve handed it to, all of my cartwheel photos will be on one roll of negatives and it’s easy enough for anyone to use. Erez wanted to take a digital picture as well as my disposable camera picture and managed to shoot the entire cartwheel sequence. You can see the cropped pictures below.

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  1. Kimberley Avatar

    Oh I so absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    You might even want to put this on your home / index / whatever-you-call-it-page. 🙂

  2. Michael McMillan Avatar
    Michael McMillan


    It appears your journey is off to a great start and that you’re taking in some wonderful sights and experiences?that’s great.

    As for the cartwheel photo? it?s excellent. Either you set it up yourself and worked diligently (many takes) to capture the series or you met a photographer in Japan. I remember many cartwheel takes in Portland? fine, I should have turned off the auto focus? but even so, these Japanese cartwheels photos are more than luck.

    Well, I better run? things are good here and you?re in our thoughts. Take care, Megan.


  3. Michael McMillan Avatar
    Michael McMillan

    Erez… fine, I should learn to read before I write. Even so, I know you pre-directed the shot! Take care.


  4. Dis Avatar

    Your photos are stunning! Thank you for posting them so we lazy bums can live vicariously through you.

    Hm, now I want to add Japan to my travel list (as though my travel wish-list weren’t long enough already – I need to make a lot more money to go everywhere).

  5. Jessica Martin Avatar
    Jessica Martin

    It is wonderful that I am able to be with you on your journey. The pictures are fabulous and I enjoy visiting your site. Take care

  6. Mei Avatar

    Such cool pictures! It’s great to get the whole cartwheel sequence. I’ve been thinking about your trip and as Dis said, it’s so nice to read about all your travels. Stay well.

  7.  Avatar

    I was happy to see you in this page!

  8. Ali Avatar

    Blessed be, it’s the return of the cartwheel! I understand the feeling that it’s not totally respectful but…I’m sure you can suss out when it is and isn’t. I’d think interrupting a religious procession would be the point where I would say no to the cartwheel…otherwise, carry that disposable, woman! ps…Erez took wonderful pics. Again, all hail the cartwheel!

  9. Jeni and Lou Avatar
    Jeni and Lou

    We are friends of Lisa’s and we are also 6th grade teachers! We are so excited to tell our students what you’re doing! We both vote to keep the cartwheels, it’s not disrespectful….IT’S FUN!!!! Also, we’re voting for you to make it to some Latin American countries (it’s part of our curriculum). You rock, and we envy you!!
    Jeni And Lou

  10. Ross Avatar

    Hey Megan. Was just stopping by to remind you that NaNoWriMo signups started today, and was surprised to find that you’re off on your trip. Glad you finally got out there–know you’ve been talking about it for a while. Hope you’re having fun!

  11.  Avatar


    I hope all’s well. Since you haven’t posted anything lately I figured you’re too busy traveling… taking new photos… making sketches… in any or all cases, I hope you’re fine and having fun. Take care, Megan.