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Is Business Travel Really Traveling?


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Despite my lack of travel posts around here lately, I’ve been on the road quite a bit. In September I flew to Denver to see my sister, took connecting flights both ways to Connecticut to work (and got stuck in Philly overnight) and made my way to Houston.

When I’m traveling for work I take a suitcase with wheels and usually don’t get to explore the city. My job in Connecticut had me in the suburbs without a car (an hour taxi ride from the Hartford airport) and in Houston I worked in a meeting room in the same hotel I stayed in. I only left the hotel twice to walk across a parking lot to dinner. Although having your travel paid for sounds great, now that I experience it often I realize it isn’t as great as it sounds to a backpacker counting her pennies.

Luckily I get to visit D.C. and New Jersey a few times a year and always try to arrange an extra day to see the sights. In both cases I can rely on public transportation to get around and there is plenty to see. Hopefully after my next business trip to New York in a few weeks I’ll get organized and post all of the photos of the adventures I had on my past three trips there.