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Circus Birthday


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Growing up, my birthdays were rarely big celebrations. My birthday hits so close to the beginning of the school year that the classroom cupcake policy was never in place and friends weren’t reconnected with from the long summer break. As an adult I haven’t done much to celebrate other than go to my mom’s house (this year we went out for Chinese), and have a day to myself. I often go for a long bike ride or draw at a museum. This year I decided to go to the circus.

Appropriate circus shoes
Appropriate circus shoes
Bike tricks
Bike tricks

Although I loved all the acts, especially anything hanging from the ceiling and the amazing pole dancer, my favorite act of the night was Luisina Rosas on the German Wheel. As a child my parents gave me stilts, a pogo stick, juggling set and a unicycle but I never thought to ask for German Wheel lessons.

German wheel
German wheel

Check out this demo reel from her website, around the 1:30 mark:

2 responses to “Circus Birthday”

  1. Nina Avatar

    Happy belated birthday Megan!

    Zomg, where did you get those shoes?!

    1. Megan Avatar

      I bought these amazing red shoes in London on the way home from one of my trips pre-RTW. Maybe on the way back from Turkey or Scandinavia? They’re actually normal shoes, just half a size too big for me.