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Where I Slept: Thiruvananthapuram, India


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Thiruvananthapuram hotel

Thiruvananthapuram, India | 30 January, 2007 | $9.04

I’m not sure why this hotel was so expensive, perhaps because Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala? The town has some nice colonial architecture and grand universities to wander around. With a whole day to wander around I ran errands (like buying soap) and getting passport photos taken. After sitting for the photos I watched am employee adjust them in Photoshop. As a designer I had a really hard time watching someone butcher my photograph. For some reason he decided to make my hair black and even started to darken my eyebrows before I was able to stop him.

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  1. Brock - Backpack With Brock Avatar
    Brock – Backpack With Brock

    Looks like a clean and comfy place to sleep!