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Where I Slept: Palolem Beach, India


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Hotel in Old Goa

Palolem Beach, India | 18 January, 2007 | $5.64

How cute, my own little cabin on stilts! The markets around the beach in Goa cater to the want-to-be hippie crowd, full of sarongs, toe rings and patchwork bags. It’s fun to look at first, until you start to realize it’s the same mass-produced skirts and jewelry you see everywhere. I purposefully avoided the “party beaches” as much as possible, hoping to get some fresh air and time to read a few books.

More photos of Palolem Beach can be seen in the gallery.

One response to “Where I Slept: Palolem Beach, India”

  1. Nina Avatar

    Cabins on stilts?! *Swoon*