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Bike Fall and a Sunburn in October


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This Saturday was full of fun bike riding. I headed down to the Loop before 8am and was amazed to bike across the river and turn left onto Wacker Drive with no traffic to worry about. REI was having its annual garage sale for members (something I joined before RTW #1 back in 2004), and The Hideout hosted a Bike Fall event.

My friend and I got there at 11 thinking that the neighborhood tour was leaving, only to find out we would have to sit outside in the sun and drink Fat Tire for a few hours. We were entertained by music, BMX bike tricks and The Racketeers before heading out on an architectural tour. After biking back from a friend’s birthday party on the other side of town I was exhausted, but was glad I’d put that 22 miles on my bike and not a car.

I love the gritty backdrop of the Chicago garbage truck parking lot and Sears Tower behind The Racketeers. The Hideout really is hidden away.