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Where I Slept: Tsiribihina River, Madagascar (day 1)


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Camping on the Tsiribihina River, Madagascar

Tsiribihina River, Madagascar | 16 May, 2007 | $63.47 (hotel, guides, transport, & food on river trip)

Two nights of our trip were spent camping on the banks of the Tsiribihina River. We cut it close and set up our tents at dusk both night, eating fish from the river by candlelight. Each morning we were woken by giggling outside our tents, pulling down the zipper to discover crowds of children eagerly waiting to see who would emerge. Although I enjoyed meeting the kids and photographing them in the beautiful morning light the situation made finding a private bathroom spot difficult.

Photos of the river, the people and the animals can be seen in the gallery.

One response to “Where I Slept: Tsiribihina River, Madagascar (day 1)”

  1. Megan Avatar

    Really enjoying these looks back at your time in Africa! I’d never considered Madagascar as a destination before.

    Yes, kids can make going to the bathroom difficult, can’t they?

    I was in my own private spot in the open air of Tibet once and a parade of children came out of nowhere to talk to me and then afterwards wanted to hang off me and hold my hand! Glad it was just kids and not their parents or big brothers and sisters 😀