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Where I Slept: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (third night)


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Second hotel room in Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia | 18 April, 2007 | $8.52

The hotel grounds were lovely, with flowers and a lakeside location, but it was run by indifferent staff and had few travelers to talk to. My first room had no hot water and I spent hours trying to change rooms. Looking back, I don’t know why I spent three nights in Bahir Dar. The first day was wasted, catching up on sleep after driving all night and by the the third day I was wandering around town, finding little to hold my interest. The main reason tourists visit Bahir Dar is to visit the monasteries surrounding the lake and islands.

These monasteries were painted with amazingly colorful murals butI wasn’t allowed to see some of the best art. One island was “men only” (not even female animals were allowed!) and I was instructed to wait in the small boat. According to the male passengers this was the highlight of the day.

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