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Where I Slept: Wondo Genet, Ethiopia


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Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

Wondo Genet, Ethiopia | 1 April, 2007 | $5.68

My rough plan for Ethiopia was to head up North first and then find some people to join me for a trip around the South. I had been worried about timing because rainy season was on the way, which makes navigating many roads in Southern Ethiopia impossible. I also worried about meeting people to share a car with—public transport in the South is possible but I would miss out on a lot of places I wanted to see.

When the two Americans mentioned sharing a car I jumped on the chance and spent my first day in Ethiopia running around trying to get enough cash to pay for our Land Rover, driver and get spending cash to last the 11 days we would be gone.

Our first day and a half on the road was spent with just two of us and our driver, until the other guy got back from his interview. There’s only one descent road South from Addis Ababa and we stopped at a tiny town called Ziway to refuel and had a bit of time to walk around Lake Shala.

More photos of my trip from Addis Ababa to Wondo Genet can be seen in the Lake Shala and Ziway galleries.